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2003 the CRARC starts with Adopt a Highway Program
Look at how clean we all can make our world be.

  Highway 15 clean up south of Hutchinson. 
I like to thank all those who helped getting this
started in 2003 on the "Adopt a Highway Program".
This was our first year doing this project.
Our first time out was hot and
a lot of trash that needed to be picked up.
Our second time around was not too bad.
We had great weather, the grass was cut for us
and the trash level was a lot less our second time out.
So hats off to the members of the
Crow River Amateur Radio Club
for there participation in this twice a year event. 
Thomas, KB0DCO
Highway Committee Chairman

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These are pictures of past club
officers and some of it's current members,
who have attended meetings in the past.


Club President:  Paul KCHST


Club Treasure / Secretary: Dave KBWJP


Here's Ron KCJQO, Greg KD4GQG and Jim KACSW before the meeting starts.


Club Vice President:  Thomas KBDCO


Jerry KCCHS makes sure he's up to date with his dues. Also pictued is Dave KBWJP and Paul KCHST.


Kelley WRK is waiting for the meeting to start. Ron, Greg and Jim having a good laugh at a joke Greg brought up.  


Greg KD4GQG gets ready to do another update for the Darwin repeater while Jim KACSW and Don KKLN go over Greg's handout.


Don KKLN and Jerry KCCHS listen very carefully about what Doug WYF is saying about the Darwin repeater project.


Paul W6RLY, Kelley WRK and Don KCJQO, Greg KD4GQG and Jim KACSW listen to the discussion on the Darwin repeater.


WANUG Ray and Roger WDEU are having a great time at the CRARC meeting.


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