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This page is to keep you up to date
on nets and things that are happening
with our local repeaters.


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Local amateur operator's meet on
+147.375 MHz PL Tone 146.2
every Thursday night at 8:00 PM
for our weekly evening nets.
The repeater is located in Hutchinson.


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A note from Greg KGU:

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Scheduling for the Thursday night nets.
I've had people who've said that they're interested in being NC. If anyone wants to serve as NC for experience please let me know and I'll work you in.
73  Greg

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Here is current rotaion for the
Thursday night nets:

 First Thursdays:
 KCHST Paul 
 Second Thursdays:
 KGU Greg 
 Third Thursdays: 
 KCYFX Chris 
 Fourth Thursdays: 
 WDEU Roger 
 Fifth Thursdays:
 Open Rotation

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If you haven't joined the
Crow River Amateur Radio Club
Yahoo group, then
click below here to join.

Click to subscribe to W0CRC

If you have joined the Yahoo groups,
click on this link below.

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Current status of the
Darwin repeater is currently:
Up and running .

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Darwin Repeater

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Here is how hard the CRARC worked!

Greg, KG0U
Here was KG0U helping dig the trench for the coax.


The crew worked hard and
made it look like we were not even there!

The hard work,
is now completed !!


The new Darwin repeater Freq. is
-146.685 MHz PL Tone 146.2
Located in Meeker County.
Echo Link # 139762
Which is currently down for the time being.


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Last Update:
Darwin repeater is now
permanently installed as of
April 12th, 2003
- 146.685 MHz  PL Tone 146.2
At 124 feet; using a
Diamond X50NA antenna.
The repeater is currently
running 10 watts
with an ERP at 18 - 20 watts.
Please try out the W0CRC repeater
when your west of the Twin Cities
on or around US Highway 12.
Sponsored By the Crow River
Amateur Radio Club.
Now being Echo Link Capable.
Darwin = 139762
Is capable of being linked to
Hutchinson on 147.375.
Feel free to connect up to
the Darwin repeater anytime.

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